That’s it for 2018 (almost)

Christmas-New Year

Our offices will be closed from 5.00 pm 21 December 2018, and will re-open at 8.30 am on Monday, 7 January 2019.

We will check our emails from time to time and will respond to urgent queries where possible.

Questions & Answers

If you have a question about any of our articles or any topic regarding property or wills and estates, I’ll try & include a response in our next newsletter.  If you have a query, it’s likely others will also be interested.

Website Update: Land Tax

We are in the process of adding specific information to our website regarding Land Tax Planning.  Land Tax is the third largest tax for the Queensland Government – with Payroll Tax the largest revenue source followed by Transfer Duty.  If you own real estate other than the home you live in, then you need to be aware how and when this may affect you.

The property doesn’t have to be an investment property to be liable for land tax.  If it’s not your home – it’s potentially taxable!  The Queensland Government can significantly change the impact of land tax by increasing or lowering the tax-free threshold, or by increasing or lowering the taxation rate.

New Brisbane Address

We have relocated our Brisbane office to Level 10, 239 George Street Brisbane.  Our Gold Coast address has not changed.

Fine-tuning our information sharing

In 2019, we will be limiting the new information made available on our public website.  Whilst general articles with still be published, our specific legal tips and recommendations will be provided to a select group by email and restricted access web-pages.  Our focus on assisting people to control their property and finances continues, with additional input from other professional advisers.

2019 should be interesting!

In the first half of next year, the Australian media (& many others) will be focusing on the federal election.  I suspect the rest of us will just get on with life & business.

The effects of the Banking Royal Commission will continue to evolve with the potential for tighter lending to have some impact on new and existing borrowers – and the property market as a whole.  From what I read, the impact on Queensland is likely to be substantially less significant that NSW and Victoria.

Farewell …

Disclaimer: The above is to be considered as general education. This is not advice and it is not to be acted upon without advice from a qualified professional who understands your personal circumstances.

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