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When buying residential property in Queensland, whether as a first home buyer, upgrading to a better home, or buying an investment, obtain legal advice before signing any document.

Finding the perfect property can be exciting  – at such an important time, make sure your property lawyer reviews the Contract before you sign.

We review Contracts for the purchase of houses, vacant land, apartments and townhouses.

One of the Big Decisions !

Buying a property is an important decision for all of us, and there can be more issues than you realise that need attention in a short period of time.

We offer competitive and fair pricing with a personalised service to give you comfort and security that your affairs are well-managed.

How Can You Benefit?

We assist you by:

  • making sure the Contract is correct before you sign
  • letting you know how a Family Trust may protect you
  • checking the property for any defects before you buy
  • taking away the stress of managing all the paperwork
  • ensuring all forms are signed correctly
  • checking the body corporate records for any problems

Did you know?

  • The property is at your risk from 5.00 pm the next business day after you receive the signed contract, and you need to immediately arrange an insurance policy.
  • You can terminate the Contract within 5 business days of receiving the signed contract, however a penalty of 0.25% of the purchase price may apply.
  • The No 1 Rule of Qld conveyancing is to comply with the dates for all contract conditions, as there can be serious consequences if the Seller does not agree to an extension – you may be in breach of the Contract.
  • If borrowing money, use a Mortgage Broker to find the best loan for you & to provide you with independent advice about lenders and finance strategies.
  • Because the Contract doesn’t contain essential information about the property, searches are needed to ensure you know what you need about the property.
  • When buying an apartment, extra care is needed as not all the information you need is included in the Contract & arranging a body corporate report is often essential.
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