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Selling residential property is one of the most important agreements that you will enter into.

As Queensland Property Lawyers, we help our clients with the selling of residential houses, vacant land, apartments and townhouses.

The most important decision!

Selling a property is an important decision for all of us, and there can be more issues than you realise that need your attention in a short period of time.

Whilst some aspects of selling a property can be daunting, you will enjoy the peace of mind of dealing with our experienced team.

We offer competitive and fair pricing with a personalised service to give you comfort and security that your affairs are well-managed.

Before You Sign

You want to sell for the highest possible price.  If you are unsure as to the current market value, consider obtaining a valuation from a registered valuer.

Whilst selling agents will usually prepare the Contract, where you are not using an Agent, we can prepare the Contract for you.  Where you are selling an apartment or townhouse, we would also prepare the Disclosure Statement.

How Can You Benefit?

We can assist you by:

  • preparing the Contract
  • arranging a body corporate disclosure statement when selling an apartment
  • making sure the Contract is correct before you sign
  • taking away the stress of handling all the paperwork
  • ensuring your Bank does not delay settlement

Did you know?

  • Although the Buyer is required to insure the property after you sign the contract, you should not cancel your insurance policy until after settlement.
  • If you own 2 properties which are secured by the same mortgage, your bank will review the entire loan and could require part-payment of the loan on the second property, to release its mortgage on the first property.
  • Because you cannot always rely on your bank to provide correct information about your loan, you should consider contacting a Mortgage Broker to independently verify your obligations.
  • Where there is a mortgage over the property, notify your Bank as soon as the Contract is signed as some Banks can take up to 28 days to release their mortgage.
  • Where the Contract is conditional on the Buyer obtaining finance or building & pest reports, do not be surprised if the Buyer requests more time.
  • When selling an apartment, the standard Contract & Disclosure Statement often do not disclose sufficient information, which allows the Buyer to terminate the Contract.
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