Friends & family often keep their problems to themselves because they are embarrassed by their predicament.  A popular saying is that “a problem shared is a problem halved”.  On some occasions, a problem shared can be a problem solved.

Recently, a man become bankrupt.  Before his 3 year bankruptcy term ended, his mother died.  Whilst the mothers Will left him over $500,000, the Bankruptcy Trustee took it all!  The money was used to pay the son’s creditors.

Whilst no-one would deny that creditors are entitled to be paid, if the mother had been aware her Will could have ensured that her estate was used in the way that she wanted – for the benefit of her son – I think that she would have liked to have at least known about that option.

What a series of events: (1) the man becomes bankrupt, (2) his mother dies, (3) his mothers life savings are given away!  I often think about this man.  If he or his mother had mentioned the bankruptcy to someone who knew what was possible, today this man could be the owner of a home, & a second-hand car, & enjoy a family holiday, & saved or invested the balance.

A similar solution can be used for a child who is involved in a difficult marriage or relationship; or a child with a gambling problem; or alcohol or drug addiction.

People just don’t know what is possible.  We don’t talk about our circumstances, or we don’t talk to the right person.  If you know someone has some problems, you may be able to help them by encouraging them to get some advice.  Maybe they can be helped, maybe not – but at least ask the right person.  All you can tell someone is to not make any assumptions about what is possible.

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