Landlords and Tenants of retail shops and commercial premises need relevant & specific advice when negotiating the terms of their lease.

20 Tenant Tips

Even before you start negotiations, our “20 Tenant Tips” contain suggestions to assist you to make the right decisions – it may save you money and angst!
Before signing any lease document, contact us to review your lease so that we can minimise the risks and maximise your opportunities. The recommended practice is for the Landlord to give possession of the property to the Tenant only after all documentation is signed and exchanged and the initial rent, bond and costs are paid.

Before You Sign

Ensure that the lease agreement contains all of the terms and conditions you need for the use of the property; before any document is signed. Whether a retail shop lease or a commercial lease, the lease document should be reviewed before you commit yourself to the obligations and responsibilities.

Renewing a Lease

Where you are an existing tenant and your lease is coming to an end, whether or not you have an option to extend / renew the lease, please refer to our Renewing A Lease page.

REIQ General Tenancy Agreement

Where a property is to be leased for a short term, an REIQ General Tenancy Agreement may offer a suitable solution in some cases. However, where you require greater certainty and/or more issues covered, a formal commercial Lease document capable of registration is recommended, particularly where the lease term is more than 3 years.

Retail Shop Lease

The first question to be answered when reviewing a Lease is whether the Retail Shop Leases Act applies to the lease. Go to or Retail Shop Leases page.

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